The history of Italian exclusive cars manufacturers is not only made of exciting mid-engined, racing inspired models, but also by elegant and luxurious four seats grand touring models. Starting in the 1960s, some of the most famous coachbuilders ever have designed cars that combine exceptional comfort with sports car performance, and with its ProgettoSei, ARES DESIGN brings the spirit of those creations into the modern era.

The ARES DESIGN ProgettoSei will be part of the company’s “Legends Reborn” portfolio and will be based on one of today’s most iconic grand touring models on the market, a modern four-seater packing a 6.3-litre naturally-aspirated V12 with an output of 690hp. The ARES DESIGN ProgettoSei’s styling is influenced by some of the most famous cars from the past, and after extensive computer modelling will be handcrafted with the finest grade carbon fibre, not only endowing the car with stunning looks but giving it a low kerb weight, too.

Inside the ProgettoSei, ARES DESIGN will use the finest quality components with handcrafted leather seats and dash architecture complimented by hand-stitched features and highlights. The carbon fibre coach-built ProgettoSei will have all the style and panache of the cars it takes inspiration from, but also the modern underpinnings of the donor car endow it with the sort of performance and connectivity the original could only have dreamed of. ARES DESIGN will deliver a phenomenal vehicle, representing the exterior grace and poise of the iconic grand tourers from the past with the chassis from one of today’s most exceptional vehicles.