ARES S1 Coupé painted by the artist Daniela Boo for Art Basel Miami

November 2022

- Gearing up for Art Basel 2022, ARES Miami collaborates with artist Daniela Boo to paint front elements of the ARES S1 Coupé model located in its Studio in the Miami Design District.

- The S1 is in the production stage at ARES’ state-of-the-art facilities in Modena, Italy.

- ARES’ philosophy is not only to provide solutions to the customers’ needs, but also to create a unique and engaging experience.

- ARES Studios combine emotions, desires, vehicles and art perfectly reflecting the soul of the Modenese brand

ARES Modena, the Italian Lifestyle brand, is gearing up for Art Basel 2022 by collaborating with artist Daniela Boo to paint front elements of the ARES S1 Coupé model located in its studio in the Miami Design District.

An exclusive event will take place on November 28th 2022 in ARES’ Miami Studio for 50 selected guests.

During the event it will be possible to be the first to admire the front elements of the ARES S1 painted by the artist Daniela Boo.

On the same day unique No.3 Gin cocktails will be created during Art Basel by a Miami mixologist.

Art Basel is one of the most important events in Miami with many collectors and connoisseurs gathering in South Florida for the occasion.

The Modena-based company initiated a strategic shift in 2021, moving from a provider of custom aesthetics enhancement services for the luxury car industry to the manufacturing of its own, self-designed luxury models. The Italian Lifestyle brand is now further accelerating with the creation of new range of electric mobility luxury products allowing ARES to pivot and tap into an even higher growth segment.

Alongside the new product launches ARES is also developing and expanding its network of Studios, opening three new sites (Bologna International Airport, Milan and London) by the end of 2022.

To support this ambitious plan, the Company announced in August 2022 the admission of three new shareholders with profound experience in the automotive, finance and luxury sectors: Alfredo Altavilla, Boris Collardi and Marco Bizzarri. They join the board of director of ARES, in addition to the Swiss entrepreneur Philippe Gaydoul, who joined as shareholder of ARES in 2019.

The company opened the Miami Studio in 2021 to provide the North American market a unique location to immerse themselves in the brand philosophy and product line. All products are hand built as per the client’s specification utilizing the highest level of engineering and finest materials.

Daniela Boo has a history of painting iconic supercars and was selected by various automotive brands for unique artistic expressions, her creative work combines hyper realism and speed. A number of these aesthetic vehicles are on display in museums and private collections globally.

Daniela Boo is represented in Miami by BlackTower Gallery, a contemporary art space located in the Design District. Their main objective is to connect art, collecting, and aesthetic enjoyment. BlackTower Gallery offers a wide range of creative proposals, governed by quality criteria and constant experimentation.

The art car culture evolved in the 1960s, and there is rich tradition over the years that has transformed the body of an automobile into a new canvas for artists to display their talents and passion. Many of these art cars have been inspired by movies or personal visions of the artist, they also provide a sense of individuality. Events throughout the United States have been organized to showcase these masterpieces, and there is an increased interest in these types of works of art.

The combination of curves on the exterior body with art can create an emotional influence and arouse desire, it is all about having a meaningful aesthetic feel. The fusion of shapes and colors can give the vehicle a unique personality which pushes the boundaries of design and artisan skills.

The United States has one of the most unique and diversified car cultures in the world. The fascination and romance for the automobile has been around since the car was first invented. The car was a form of individual independence and personal mobility to explore new cities in the privacy of your own space.

Dany Bahar, CEO and co-Founder of ARES Modena, commented: "I am delighted by the collaboration between ARES and the artist Daniela Boo, I believe it represents a new confirmation of the constant growth of the company towards a luxury brand focused on art and lifestyle experiences.”