In the finest tradition of handcrafted bespoke coach-building, ARES Design has crafted this stunning two-door Coupé for Bentley Mulsanne, based on Bentley’s four-door saloon.
Throughout the 20th Century, Bentley was one of the most popular marques for coachbuilders so it’s perhaps fitting that ARES Design chose the four-door Mulsanne as the basis for this spectacular recreation of a Bentley Coupé. Using cutting-edge 21st Century techniques, ARES Design has created an exquisite Bentley Coupé for the modern era.

The ARES Design Coupé for Bentley Mulsanne will be built in extremely limited numbers for customers who appreciate the marque that is Bentley but would like a bespoke handcrafted creation.
Carrying out such a comprehensive reimagining of the classic vehicle is a formidable task but, by creatively fusing modern and traditional methods, ARES Design has built a stunning, exclusive vehicle.


Before the physical work began, ARES Design carried out a full three- dimensional scan of the four-door Mulsanne and, once this data had been processed, it provided the basis for ARES to complete the necessary CAD work on the car. Extensive computer modelling resulted in a new look for the Coupé, with a significantly more graceful roof-line and re-profiled C-pillars integrating seamlessly into its rear wing structure. The angle of the rear window has been adjusted and a new section of the rear deck between the base of the window and the original boot lid was constructed.
As a result of the attention to detail put into the project, the whole conversion of the Bentley Mulsanne Coupé carries full TüV approval.

With its Coupé, ARES Design has utilised the time-honoured principles of coachbuilding to transform Bentley’s Mulsanne into a unique and desirable Coupé that offers the most exceptional level of craftsmanship. The conversion process included moving the B-pillar further back to facilitate the fitment of longer front doors. New rear quarter panels were fabricated from aluminium while the extended doors and the entire central roof panel were constructed from the finest grade carbon fibre. Fresh chrome surrounds were required for the re-profiled rear windows and roof line while bespoke glass units were commissioned. In its final form, the Coupé is lighter and has better aerodynamics than the original four-door. Also thanks to an ARES Design performance upgrade, the two-door Mulsanne performs as well as its stunning good looks suggest.


Inside the ARES Design Coupé for Bentley Mulsanne, extensive changes have been made to accommodate the two-door configuration. Bespoke front seats are installed to allow entry and egress to the rear seats and the front seats are trimmed to match the rest of the interior. Unique modifications have been carried out to the rear door trim panels to fit the coupe body style.

By not altering the wheelbase it allowed the Bentley Mulsanne Coupé to have the sleek, elegant design of a grand tourer, while maintaining the first-class comfort of a sedan. Designed with the most modern technologies, crafted with the best materials, created for the most demanding connoisseurs. The sporty look of the new, two-door body pleasantly contrasts with the typical, luxurious interior design of the Bentley Mulsanne. Aluminium, wood, leather, carbon fiber: the driving environment can be completely trimmed and customized, for a truly bespoke experience.
/ Front screen infotainment system with 8“ high-resolution screen
/ Satellite radio
/ Mulsanne audio system with 14 speakers, two subwoofers, powered through six channels, with digital sound processing.


Base Car Model Year: 2014 – 2017
Engine type : twin turbocharged V8
Displacement [cc]: 6752
Power [Hp] : 600
Torque [Nm] : 1200
Transmission: 8 speed automatic
transmission: Suspension: Air springs with continuous damping control.
Four selectable driver settings

Brake: Bentley branded front brake callipers
Wheels: Ares 22 inch alloy rims made to ARES Design specifications
Tyres: 265/35/R22
Maximum speed [Km/h]: 296 km/h
Conversion time : 3-4 months