Few cars have the ability to go beyond time and fashion, to become more than a means of transport - to become true icons. Only one car has created its own legend in all driving situations and on every terrain. Since 1948, the Land Rover Defender has evolved uniquely, combining off-road appeal with unparalleled glamour. The long and in-depth experience ARES gained during the creation and production of its first Defender Ultra V8 has led the Modena coachbuilder to create a completely new and revised edition, with an even more distinctive style and refined finish.

Powered by a new, modern V8 engine, more powerful and reliable than the previous unit, the ARES Defender V8 also retains the iconic characteristics of the imposing Defender design but tempers them with essential and elegant lines, to express modernity and propel the icon into the future. ARES continues to reinvent and reimagine the Defender’s unique style, modern essentiality and classic elegance: the ARES Defender V8 is born


Born to be strong, designed to be elegant: the ARES Defender V8 is a modern-day homage to a timeless off-road icon. The silhouette is that of the iconic Defender, a classic for more than 50 years. Taut, square lines, designed by functionality. The ARES Defender V8 does not betray its origins, remaining perfectly recognisable at first glance, but new design details give it a whole new identity.

The new body elements, such as the carbon fibre bonnet and widened wings, are designed by ARES Centro Stile, and seamlessly match the original body panels. The light units are now powerful LED ones, with the front lamps housed in a new front end, made from a single carbon fibre piece. Finally, new, larger tinted windows give the car a sleek, modern look.


The exterior of the ARES Defender V8 might seem to be the crowning glory but, actually, it’s the interior that really defines the bespoke luxury of the vehicle. Buyers of this kind of unique car demand a cabin that banishes the spartan, utilitarian nature of the original and replaces it with a lavish, sumptuous cockpit that cocoons its occupants. Designed by the Centro Stile, the ARES Defender V8 carbon fibre steering wheel has been hand finished by expert ARES upholstery craftsmen, to give the perfect driving sensation of luxury and quality.

Its new infotainment system, the revised and upgraded air conditioning unit, the new panoramic glass roof and the four electrically operated windows ensure interior comfort. At the same time, the customisable leather and wood trim extend to every part of the cabin, including the bench seats in the luggage compartment, while the new instrument panel is completely upholstered in the finest leather, which blends with the wooden and aluminium panels. Innate elegance and sportiness.


As with every ARES project, extensive engineering work has been undertaken on the Defender V8 to ensure that the new style and features integrate perfectly with the original architecture of the Land Rover Defender, both inside and out. The suspension was also meticulously modified, with a new electronically adjustable set-up for optimum off-road and on-road handling.

Horsepower is provided by a torquey 5.3-litre V8 engine, supported by a 6-speed automatic transmission and new, improved brakes. Unmistakably a Defender – only better!

Length: 4985 mm
Width: 2000 mm
Height: 1856 mm
Front Track: 1680 mm
Rear Track: 1680 mm
Wheelbase: 2750 mm
Front overhang: 667 mm
Rear overhang: 978 mm

Based on Land Rover Defender donor car chassis

Some addictional parts manufactured in high quality carbon fiber
Redesigned front-end, front and rear fender
New panoramic rear windows
New panoramic roof

Engine type: V8
Displacement: 5328 cc
Power: 380 hp, 280 kw at 5600 rpm
Torque: 519 Nm at 4100 rpm

Sport air filter

Type: AWD with 3 lockable differentials and low range gears
Gearbox: 6-speed automatic

Coil spring with ORAM electronic adjustable shocks
35mm suspension lift kit

ARES Modena alloy wheels, 18 inches
305/70 R18 Cooper Discoverer tyres
Brakes: Disc diameter 265 mm, 6-piston callipers

Handcrafted artisan interior panels in leather and carbon
Real wood floor and panels

Hi-Fi system with Navigation
Bluetooth, Apple Car Play & Android Auto connectivity

Heating seats
Electric winch
Spare wheel
Ski rack