Today’s business world is all about delivering solutions for the needs of your customers.
But what if those people don’t know what they need yet? Finding out what your customers want before they even know they want it means you can deliver more than just what people expect, but what they truly desire.

Our philosophy of co-creation means that our clients can actually design their own car; choose materials and colours; define the silhouette of the vehicle and even decide how many doors and windows it has.
Our customers dream of creating the stunning concepts we see each year in Geneva but which never hit the roads. We can make that a reality.

Across 23,000 square metres in Modena, the ARES Modena smart factory houses everything from CAD, carbon fibre ovens, electrical system engineering specialists, drivetrain assembly, paint shop, artisan leather works and metal coachbuilding facilities. The list is almost never-ending.

Whether we are creating bespoke, muscular off-roader, reimagining the styling of an existing automotive icon or carrying out a sophisticated interior makeover, ARES Modena’s skilled technicians and craftspeople are all housed under one roof and are ready to carry out luxurious modifications to bring your striking concepts to life.

“The work that ARES Modena does would not be possible without the right people and partners in place.”

Over the years, ARES has built an incredible team of passionate, industry-leading individuals, as well as a global network of equally committed investors.
Together, they all help deliver co-created, luxury bespoke vehicles of extraordinary quality and panache.

ARES is focused on three core pillars of activity.
Firstly, delivering unique automotive interiors and exteriors. These include the world’s only Coupe version of the Bentley Mulsanne; the matchless ARES X-Raid model based on the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG; and the ARES Modena GT3 for the Porsche Targa concept.
Secondly, transforming classic cars into turnkey, tech-loaded cars that still look like the decades-old original, but with none of the previous reliability issues of ownership. Like, for example, our 1964 Corvette Sting Ray, built on the chassis of a C7. It looks like its come straight off the set of a classic Steve McQueen movie, but it features a raucous 525hp V8 engine, keyless technology, LED halo beams, air conditioning, hi-fi stereo, Bluetooth connectivity and USB port – all sumptuously clothed in red leather and a big, black bonnet.
Thirdly, the resurrection of iconic automobiles; the current ARES halo product here is the modern-day iteration of one of the most popular Italian-American sportscars of all time – the 1970s Pantera – but with a brand new and sensuously svelte body sitting on a modern, Italian supercar.

“There are no limits to ARES Modena’s authentic, tailor-made upgrades”

ARES can customise vehicles in every way possible thanks to its skill sets in every facet of automotive design.
Whether it is creating unique body modifications to rework a four-door saloon into a two-door coupe or applying performance enhancements to deliver a more visceral, yet refined, sensory driving experience.
From exterior modifications, including carbon fibre and aluminium body work, to engine augmentation and luxurious interiors – ARES Modena offers unparalleled expertise in every area.


For customers seeking a unique reimagining of an automotive legend, ARES Modena can apply the perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern engineering technologies to breathe new life into a retro icon.
The pinnacle of automotive couture, the resurrection of a supercar from the past involves new interpretations of design and style, material compounds and technology.


Classic cars don’t have to be consigned to the past. ARES Modena can bring a classic automotive icon bang up to date, with thoroughly modern mechanics, safety systems and the kind of connectivity that we are all used to in the modern world. And all without the reliability woes that previously came with classic car ownership.


Bespoke exterior and interior modifications including technically advanced performance upgrades and coach-built transformations of customer cars.


From cutting-edge CAD design or complex computational fluid dynamics, ARES Modenas operatives can bring the most challenging of projects to reality.
Fusing traditional craftmanship and innovative techniques, ARES can produce stunning transformations, whether it’s using carbon fibre or hand-beaten aluminium.
The same meticulous approach is taken when it comes to mechanical upgrades, electrical solutions and infotainment requirements. Everything is done to provide the pinnacle of automotive luxury.

ARES Modena specialises in bringing dreams to life. It does so through skilled engineering and craftmanship.
Behind this ability is ARES’s state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge production techniques.
Every aspect of automotive design – from carbon fibre manufacture to in-house leather and panel fabrication – are all available on site in the ARES Modena headquarters in Modena.
And the company’s world-class engineers and technicians make sure that the most painstaking care is applied throughout the process.