While genuine classic bikes certainly have a place in the automotive landscape, many owners would rather have the classic look but with modern turn-key reliability and safety systems. Thanks to ARES Modena’s talented engineers, it’s now possible to have a retro-themed bike but without the concerns of unreliability and the spectre of breaking down by the roadside.
ARES Modena currently has three ultra-desirable machines to choose from, and like all its conversions, these bikes use a mix of modern and traditional technologies to ensure the best in aesthetics and riding experience.

Through the use of hand-crafted carbon fibre for items such as the fuel tank cover and aluminium for the engine covers, as well as handlebars, ARES Modena’s modified bikes not only look the part but perform with all the verve and panache expected from a modern bike.
Beautifully hand-stitched leather for seats along with period style switchgear and light assemblies, complete with modern LED lighting, ensure that ARES Modena’s bikes are the most desirable on the market today.


Inspired by the racing bikes of the past, the ARES Bullet is the second two-wheeled creation of the Modena-based coachbuilder after the Scrambler. Again, ARES used the technical base of the BMW R nineT, the perfect platform to match the exciting performance of today with a charming retro look while equipped with all the necessary modern safety features. The air-cooled twin-cylinder boxer engine marries perfectly with the vintage aesthetic. At the same time, the sporty soul of the Bullet is not only an essential stylistic element of the bike but also gives an emotional and spirited riding adventure.

ARES Modena BMW R nineT Bullet

Engine type: Two-cylinder boxer
Displacement [cc]: 1170
Power [hp]: >109
Torque [Nm]: >119
Transmission: Six-speed
Suspension: Originali aut. Sachs mono post Martis
Brake: 4 pist. Brembo
Rims: original 17-17 or Kineo 17-17
Tyres: Pirelli Scorpion
Maximum speed [km/h]: > 200


ARES designers and engineers developed the design of the Bullet and carefully refined the positioning of all the contact points between the bike and its rider. Under the sharp fairing, the new clip-on handlebars are now positioned below the bespoke steering plate; chosen to emphasise the riding feelings and the modern, one-piece speedometer. A quintessentially sporty riding position is achieved thanks to the new rear sets and single-seat. The seat is integrated into the new tail section, made of carbon fibre and mounted on a new, higher frame. The tail section also houses the new LED taillight and houses the Bullet’s electronic components to improve the weight distribution and make the bike lines cleaner and more minimalist.

_Carbon fiber fuel tank with chrome steel fuel cap
_Front and rear full LED light system, with carbon fiber cover and full LED indicator lights
_Double exhaust pipes
_Chrome finishing (foot pegs, levers, headlight ring and brackets)
_Front and rear carbon fiber fenders
_Frame grill finishing kit
_Re-designed bar-end mirrors