Welcome to the new ARESKitzbühel Studio!

March 2021

After Dubai, St Moritz and Modena, ARES inaugurates a new and exclusive location, its first one in Austria: the ARESKitzbühel Studio, an innovative and fascinating concept created to surround the guests in a luxurious atmosphere, just a few meters from the splendid ski slopes of the Austrian Alps.

ARESKitzbühel Studio is different from the other studios that we have launched in recent months: it could be defined as the union between showroom concept and a bespoke hospitality space, to offer guests and customers a new experience in the name and values of ARES Design.

Visitors to ARESKitzbühel Studio, are hosted in a welcoming and typical alpine environment, with the the ARES S1 Project and the ARES Defender Spec 1.2 on display.