December 2022

- Italian coachbuilder ARES Modena has opened the doors of its first Studio in an airport

- The Bologna Studio will showcase its leading expertise in bespoke automotive design

- Visitors and customers will be able to enjoy an unparalleled immersive experience

ARES, the innovative luxury coachbuilder based in Modena, has opened the doors of its first Studio inside the G. Marconi Airport in Bologna.

Located on the first floor, inside the boarding hall, the space provides customers with an immersive brand experience and unparalleled customer service, as the Italian company showcases its leading coachbuilding skills, artisanal craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies. The Studio will follow these opening hours*: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., from Monday to Sunday.

Designed by the ARES Centro Stile department, drawing inspiration from the clean-cut lines of modern-day art galleries, the new Studio hosts two stunning examples of the company’s bespoke design capabilities: the ARES S1 Project Biposto One-Off, an exceptional exercise in style, and the ARES Modena Bullet, a timeless project that merges the world of racing with the art of coachbuilding.

The salon will also play a vital role in the company's co-create philosophy, where both collectors, connoisseurs, customers and designers can work hand-in-hand to build bespoke one-off vehicles – an offering unique to ARES.

Visitors will have a variety of exquisite finishes and colour palettes to choose from, alongside the finest leathers and carbon fibre interiors, paint finishes, trims and luxurious fabrics while enjoying a taste of Italian hospitality.

ARES Modena’ philosophy is not only to provide solutions to the customers’ needs, but also to create a unique and engaging experience. ARES Studios combine emotions, desires, vehicles and art perfectly reflecting the soul of the Modenese coachbuilder. Today, in addition to Bologna, they are present in the most strategic locations around the world: Modena, St. Moritz, Munich, Marbella, Miami, Zürich, Kitzbühel and Dubai; soon Milan and London.

Commenting CEO and Co-founder Dany Bahar said: "We are delighted to open this new studio. At ARES, we offer a unique opportunity for customers to build their very own vehicles to their exact specifications. And these new personalisation studios will allow more customers to do exactly that, to realise their dream vehicle and be part of the creation process."

* Times may be subject to change.

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