July 2022

- ARES Modena is set to display an exclusive “one-off” model of the Supercar S1 Project Spyder, made especially for the event.

- This is an exclusive model that has been designed by the Modena-based company and is immediately recognizable by its profile; characterized by the absence of a windshield and roof.

- ARES’s commitment to UNICEF continues; supporting humanitarian causes around the world.

Following the success achieved during the first winter edition of the "Luisa Via Roma for UNICEF" charity gala held in St. Barth, ARES Modena will support the summer edition of this prestigious event. The gala will be held on Saturday, July 30, 2022 at La Certosa di San Giacomo, Capri.

The Modenese atelier will donate an exclusive "one-off" model of the Supercar S1 Project Spyder, which will be the undisputed protagonist of the auction.

Guests, will be able to submit their bids to win this stunning car, created by the ARES Centro Stile, to provide the lucky winner with a once in a lifetime opportunity to own an exquisite supercar.

This unique model allows driver and passenger to feel a driving experience without filters. The two wind deflectors, elegantly emerging from the streamlined bodywork, redirect the air current over the passengers into the air intakes behind the headrests thus creating a virtual canopy, providing a calm yet immersive driving experience.

The absence of the windshield allows the sinuous carbon fiber body to take on a unique and organic shape, flowing inside the cockpit dividing and enveloping the passengers. Hand built, custom-made and richly finished with the finest leathers, the interior of S1 Project Spyder reveals elegant and minimal lines, with maximum attention to detail.

In addition to a number of precious creations being auctioned - including a replica of the Harley Davidson Captain America; the two-wheeled vehicle of the iconic movie "Easy Rider" - the highlight of the event will be a performance by Jennifer Lopez. Other celebrities who are expected to attend include; Spike Lee, Jamie Foxx, Jeremy Irons and Vanessa Hudgens, to name a few.

During the evening, a documentary filmed in Jordan about the genuine support that Luisa Via Roma and UNICEF have provided over the last months will also be screened. Luisa Via Roma has carried an on the ground mission with UNICEF to help Syrian refugee children and families and thus testify how collected funds through charity events are actually used. There will be also a link with UNICEF in Ukraine to show closeness and solidarity with this country.

Despite the global challenges caused by the pandemic, UNICEF continues to fight for the rights of children in need around the world; providing them with safe shelter, food and protection from wars, natural disasters and inequalities.

Commenting on the support for the charity event, ARES Modena CEO and co-founder Dany Bahar said: "We are incredibly proud to once again give our support to a charity as important as UNICEF. UNICEF carries out fundamental work around the world to protect and safeguard children and we sincerely thank the organizers for allowing us to be part of this great event."

Andrea Panconesi, CEO of Luisa via Roma, said: "I am pleased to announce the fifth summer gala of "LUISA VIA ROMA for UNICEF", on the stunning island of Capri. Thanks to UNICEF Italia I understand that doing good brings good. We are proud and happy because the children of the world are our future.

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