Italian Coachbuilder ARES opens first Italian Studio in its hometown Modena

February 2021

• Italian coachbuilder ARES opens its doors to its Modena studio

• 400 square meter boutique to present the ultimate in bespoke automotive design

• One of five new premises for the Italian coachbuilder

Luxury Italian coachbuilder ARES has confirmed that it opened the doors to its first Italian studio in its hometown of Modena this month (28th January).

Located on Via Emilia Centro, inside the Collegio San Carlo complex, the studio will provide customers with an immersive brand experience and unparalleled customer service; as the Italian company showcases its coachbuilding skills, artisanal craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

On display at the 400 square meter studio will be the company’s new launched S1 Project and its hand-built BMW Scrambler motorbike.

The opening is one of five new studios across Europe and marks a significant milestone for the company as it brings the ARES experience closer to its customers. Historically, ARES has only presented its vehicles at prestigious events such as the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este, the Monte Carlo Yacht Show, and Salon Privé in the UK.

The luxurious boutique will also play a vital role in the company’s Co-Create philosophy, where both customers and designers can work hand-in-hand to build bespoke one-off vehicles – an offering unique to ARES. When designing a car, visitors will have a choice of exquisite finishes and colour palettes to choose from, alongside the finest leathers and carbon fibre interiors, paint finishes, trims and luxurious fabrics.

Founded six years ago and headquartered at its 23,000 square metre facility on Strada Sant’ Anna, the company employs 150 engineers, designers and craftsmen from the local region. The coachbuilder uses a fusion of artisanal craftmanship and modern-day technology to create and hand-build bespoke one-off and limited-edition vehicles for customers from around the world.

Giuseppe Miceli, General Manager of ARES, commented: "The opening of the new ARESModena Studio is an important milestone in the development and history of our company. It is an event that further demonstrates ARES' commitment to investing in the territory, even in such a challenging time for the economy and industry. At the same time, the launch is a gesture with which we want to show our gratitude and appreciation to the city and people of Modena, which, with its historical tradition in the automotive industry, has supported us and allowed us to become a solid and future-oriented company".

The contribution of Lorenza Lavezzi, Head of Marketing & Communications, follows: "ARES Design concluded 2020 by launching an ambitious expansion plan and the new year begins with the inauguration of the Modena Studio, to continue in the next few months with further openings in Europe and around the world, which will be functional to reinforce the identity of the ARES brand, allowing more and more people to know its values and consolidating its presence in key markets".

"At a time like the one we are experiencing - added Giuliano Albarani, President of the Fondazione Collegio San Carlo - which can easily lead to pessimism, the opening of a new exhibition space in our complex does not have an exclusively economic significance. It is a sign of vitality, valid for today and above all, in perspective, for better times ahead. Covid made us realise how community spirit can be negatively affected by the closure of businesses. The presence of a prestigious and attractive brand such as ARES in our city centre is synonymous with technology and beauty, but also with a sociality that we must commit to defending and rebuilding".

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