ARES reinvents itself and looks for specialist-technical employees

October 2022

ARES, innovative luxury coachbuilder based in Modena, initiated a strategic shift, moving from a provider of custom aesthetics enhancement services for the luxury car industry to the manufacturing of own, self-designed luxury models. "2022 – as Mirko De Gaetano, Head of Marketing & Communication, explains– it's a year characterized by important investments and new visions. At such a time, it is necessary not to turn our backs on the environment and that’s why we are working on a new range of luxury e-mobility products (bicycle, scooter, kick scooter, motorbike and city car) which will be presented to the public in the coming months. Alongside the new product launches we are also developing and expanding our network of showrooms, the ARES Studios, opening three new sites (Bologna International Airport, Milan and London) by the end of 2022.

To achieve this important development, we will invest almost 100 million of euros in the next two years, thanks also to a new corporate structure with the addition of new important shareholders. The history of ARES Modena is lightning quick, fast, intense, exciting. A fairy tale that marries vision and passion, people and ideas. But above all, it is constantly evolving".

How are you going to strengthen your hub based in Modena?

“Modena is our home where our headquarters, including production area and offices, are based. As part of a major reorganization of our company, from 2021 Nillo Zagni and Mario Mairano began collaborating with ARES Modena. The first one is in charge of the new Industrial Management, whereas the second is the representative for all staff activities, and the Human Resources and Organization Manager. But that's not all, since the development we are implementing in ARES Modena takes shape thanks to the transition from a start-up and craft size to a more mature and industrial reality, with the help of technologies and performances worthy of the most important automotive brands.

It is precisely in this way that we are implementing multiple investments such as the purchase of one of the largest autoclaves in Emilia-Romagna and the expansion of the production site through new areas next to the ARES headquarters in Modena. The industrial transition is crucial for us, but without forgetting our roots, and continuing the luxury coachbuilder Italian tradition, by the use of high-quality materials and cutting-edge technologies".

Are you planning new hires?

"Absolutely yes. ARES' investment does not cease with real estate and new technologies.

The reorganization must take place through the constant training of our existing resources

and through the strengthening of the employees in all functions. Production and technical areas

will be expanded by more than 50% of the employees, compared to the current ones".

What kind of professionals do you require?

"We are looking for technical-specialist professionals and production staff to give support to the colleagues in the production departments, including employees in painting, saddlery and assembly areas. Taste for beauty and passion for craftsmanship and Made in Italy are basic requirements to join the team.”

Vittorio Bellagamba