September 2020

• Initial photos reveal dramatic hypercar-inspired design

• S1 Project full scale model to be presented at Salon Privé at Blenheim Palace this month

• Limited edition of 24 units

Luxury Italian coachbuilder ARES has revealed a full scale model of the newest addition to the ARES family – a jaw-dropping, low-profiled supercar – S1 Project.

The car, wholly designed by the Italian company, was conceived from a simple brief from ARES’s product team; a car to comprise hypercar design, supercar performance and a sportscar price tag. The result is the ultimate study of bespoke design perfection.

The mesmerising exterior was created by ARES‘s Centro Stile, employing extensive CFD studies to ensure ultimate aerodynamic performance and stability. Created from hand-crafted carbon fibre body panels, the car’s dramatic low-profile silhouette, curvaceous wheel arches, low front splitter and forward-sitting cockpit give the car an aggressive but flowing stance while producing maximum downforce and minimum aerodynamic resistance.

Its sleek design and performance are enhanced by its dynamic rear spoiler and the eye-catching exhaust exiting the bonnet – leaving the rear extractor area free and clean.

At its heart, S1 Project is powered by a naturally aspirated V8 powerplant. With maximum of 8,800rpm the car’s powerful acceleration will produce an anticipated 0 -100kph in 2.7s along with a deeply satisfying sonorous roar from the high-revving engine. In addition, the rear wheel drive supercar has an 8-speed dual clutch transmission, an ARES Design-tuned ECU and a bespoke crafted exhaust system giving the car a maximum power of 522kw (715hp).

Underpinned by double wishbone suspension, forged aluminium axles and adaptive Magnetic Ride Control, S1 Project will deliver a potent yet uncomplicated drive for its owners.

Inside, the car’s interior reveals the use of essential and minimal yet elegant lines, creating a 3D effect enveloping both driver and passenger with the car’s HMI contained within the central console and dashboard. Styling and materials will be the remit of ARES Design’s artisanal craftsmen. They will finish the forward-sitting cockpit using the finest Alcantara, Napa leather and carbon fibre and aluminium panels to create a stunning, yet functional, ambience.

Dany Bahar, ARES Co-Founder, commented:We are delighted to announce this car, as it marks a new chapter for ARES as it is the first car wholly designed by our team at ARES. We did extensive research with our clients and potential clients to find out what they really wanted in a supercar and, time and again, it came back to them wanting to enjoy driving a car; to have fun and not to be worried about power that supercars have. So, we set about achieving that. The aim was not to produce the fastest, the lightest or the most technologically advanced supercar; we want to produce a car that our clients want, that is simple and fun to drive and looks simply stunning and with the S1 Project I know we will have achieved just that.”

Twenty-four S1 Project coupés will be built to order.

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