Meet the angels and devils’ favourite carriage: the El Paradiso X ARES Defender Spec 1.2.

January 2021

El Paradiso was founded in 1998, high above St. Moritz at 2181m in the Corviglia region. A renowned mountain club, El Paradiso is an exclusive luxury resort where clients can experience the joy of the Swiss Alps to the full; surrounded by stunning vistas; entertained by exclusive events and treated to the restaurant's most delicate dishes - a true corner of paradise!

Like ARES, El Paradiso envelops its members and guests in a unique atmosphere and a first-class service. It was therefore natural for the two companies to collaborate for the 20/21 winter season. To mark the partnership an ARES Scrambler for BMW R nineT was exhibited outside El Paradiso - check out the video on our SoMe channels to see how it got there - followed by creating a unique Land Rover Defender.

The Swiss club collaborated directly with the Italian coachbuilder to create a unique example of the ARES for Land Rover Defender Spec 1.2, working alongside our designers and experiencing ARES' unique Co-creation process.

The latest version of the iconic British off-roader was recently unveiled by the Modenese coachbuilder and, designed by the company's Centro Stile, is strictly made to order.

The Defender Spec 1.2 features a new and updated exterior design, with carbon fibre elements and panoramic glass roof, and powered by a powerful V8 engine with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The reimagination of this iconic vehicle is without doubt, already exceptional, but the El Paradiso example has, in true El Paradiso style reach new heights! The ARES designers created a faithful reimagining that conveys the look and feel of the Swiss resort's passion and joie de vivre.

The Defender's exterior sports a two-tone colour scheme featuring two shades of grey, while inside, the most significant changes and personalisation occur. The dashboard and door panels have been upholstered in grey loden fabric, while the seats have a unique look, achieved by mixing red leather and cloth sporting El Paradiso monograms and motifs! While red leather trim, dashboard and steering wheel piping and Swiss mountain pinewood panels complete the bespoke configuration.

The result is a car that makes fun and joy its raison d'etre, a perfect culmination of the union between ARES Design and El Paradiso!