ARES' latest one-off: the ARES for Porsche 992 Targa.

September 2021

• Italian coachbuilder ARES unveils the new, one-off Porsche 992 Targa by ARES

• New carbon-fibre aero kit, designed by ARES Centro Stile in Modena

• New sport exhaust system and engine upgrades deliver 60 HP more than the original

Three years after the 2018 991 GT3 Targa, the luxury Italian coachbuilder ARES Modena had the chance to work again on Porsche's droptop and the result of its creative effort is the Porsche 992 Targa by ARES.

Born as a one-off project, the 992 Targa by ARES feature a stunning new aero kit, which is made of carbon fibre and designed by the Centro Stile of ARES, housed in the Modena Factory. The styling elements blend fluently with Porsche's original styling language, with new air intakes and lavish features painted in silver, contrasting perfectly with the elegant dark blue body.

Despite its elegant and stylish forms, the Porsche 992 Targa by ARES features a powerful new stance: the new wings widen the track width of the GT from Stuttgart by 4 centimetres at the front and 8 centimetres at the rear. Completing the athletic exterior look are new, larger, alloy wheels with a custom design and metallic silver finish.

However, the work of the craftsmen and designers at ARES Modena did not stop with the bodywork alone. The interior of the Porsche 992 Targa by ARES was completely refurbished using the highest quality leather and incorporating new decors. The tan-coloured leather, chosen by the patron of this unique car, upholsters the seats, the dashboard, the steering wheel and the entire panelling. The ARES Modena badges are also present on the steering wheel and the backrests of the sports seats.

The new and special look also corresponds to an upgrade in dynamic performance. The turbocharged Boxer 6 engine of the 992 Targa by ARES has been finely tuned by the technicians of the Modena atelier and now breathes through a fresh bespoke sports exhaust system, giving a new and exciting sound and 60 HP more than the original model.

The new Porsche 992 Targa by ARES is just the latest of the many unique and bespoke creations that ARES has delivered over the last few years. From the Corvette C2 Sting Ray by ARES to the Porsche 964 Turbo by ARES, not forgetting the Tesla Model S Convertible, at ARES there has always been a special place for one-off projects, exclusive creations, tailor-made for connoisseurs and genuine enthusiasts. This exceptional Porsche 992 Targa by ARES sits proudly amongst them.

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