Visit of the San Marino State Secretaries to ARES Modena

June 2022

The Labor and Sport Secretary Mr. Teodoro Lonfernini and the Industry Secretary Mr. Fabio Righi visited ARES Modena, the independent luxury coachbuilder, in order to explore cooperation opportunities with the Republic of San Marino.

ARES Modena was created in the heart of the Motor Valley by Dany Bahar and Waleed al Ghafari, two international managers with a taste for beauty, luxury and special cars. In about seven years, the Modenese atelier has offered bespoke models, limited series supercars and various special customizations also dedicated to off-road vehicles, like a reinterpretation of the iconic Land Rover Defender. ARES Modena is today a company with 170 employees whose production activities, including the engineering departments, the Style Center, R&D, saddlery, painting, composites department, bodywork and assembly and offices, are concentrated in 23,000 square meters.

Teodoro Lonfernini: “It was a very interesting and fruitful first meeting during which opportunities for collaborations and common visions emerged. The company and the Republic of San Marino do not exclude the intensification of relations in the very near future.”.

Fabio Righi: “The Republic of San Marino is a small country which, however, can become a technological hub where to test innovative solutions that can be scaled and applied in wider contexts. In our country, the market in which you operate does not exist, we can start a structured project together, on our part you are fully available to enter into the merits of processes and technical aspects.”.

Dany Bahar: “ARES is a very young and flexible company, constantly looking for new collaborations and inclined to experiment with innovative ways of expanding its brand and spreading its projects. Our goal is to become a manufacturer of niche luxury cars for a very selected clientele, for our part there is no limit, we can make decisions for a long time. We are a very pragmatic company that is committed to making its dreams and ideas come true.”.