Whether it be cutting edge CAD design or complex Computational Fluid Dynamics ARES DESIGN’s designers and technicians can bring the most challenging of projects to reality. Utilising both innovative and traditional approaches and techniques to design and construction ARES DESIGN produces stunning body transformations whether it be with hand-crafted carbon fibre or hand-beaten aluminium. Mechanical upgrades, electrical solutions and infotainment requirements are all undertaken with the same meticulous approach to provide the pinnacle of automotive bespoke luxury.

With a state-of-the-art production facility at its Modena headquarters ARES DESIGN specialises in bringing dreams to reality through skilled engineering and craftsmanship. The creation of the ultimate in bespoke luxury automotive designs is facilitated by cutting edge production facilities. All aspects of automotive design and construction – from carbon fibre manufacture to in-house leather specialists and bespoke panel manufacture – are available on site and our leading engineers and technicians ensure a painstaking eye for detail during the entire production process.