New partnership between Fondazione Collegio San Carlo and ARES Design.

March 2021

• The Fondazione Collegio San Carlo of Modena and ARES Design have signed a new agreement, in the presence of the Mayor of Modena, Gian Carlo Muzzarelli.

• The partnership will create new possibilities of employment at ARES Design for students from Collegio San Carlo, through curricular and extracurricular internships.

The Modena-based coachbuilder, ARES Design and the Fondazione Collegio San Carlo of Modena signed a new agreement on Friday 19 March 2021 aimed at creating new important training opportunities for the students of the Collegio.

The partnership between the Modena-based coachbuilder and the historical institution of the Fondazione is designed to integrate the students from the Collegio San Carlo into the ARES staff, through curricular and extra-curricular internships that will give young men and women an opportunity to deal with a stimulating and highly specialised work environment.

This is not the first contact between the Fondazione Collegio San Carlo and ARES Design: in effect, the ARESModena Studio, the showroom recently opened by ARES in the centre of its hometown of Modena, is housed under the elegant arches of the Collegio complex, in Via Emilia Centro 95.

During his visit to the factory, the Mayor, Gian Carlo Muzzarelli, emphasised the appeal of bringing together automotive excellence in the heart of the historic centre with the beauty of the city's art, architecture and technological innovation with its history and culture. According to Muzzarelli, these are strong elements of the local identity that are also well-exploited in terms of the training and employment opportunities offered to young people at San Carlo.

"We want to ensure that the students staying at our Collegio have the widest variety and quality of educational opportunities,” added Giuliano Albarani, President of the Fondazione Collegio San Carlo. “That is why we seek excellent placements for them, which often lead to collaboration and professional development. An innovative company such as ARES is a perfect match for our ideal of a corporate partner: an environment in which our young people can grow, enhance their subjectivity and put to the test, in concrete terms, the skills acquired during their university studies and the soft skills courses offered by the Collegio".

Dany Bahar, Executive Chairman of ARES Design, commented: "This new agreement between ARES Design and a renowned institution, such as the Fondazione Collegio San Carlo di Modena, is a source of pride for me and for our entire organisation. At the same time, the possibility of offering training opportunities to students residing at the Collegio testifies once again to the strong desire of ARES to invest in the young people and the talents that the Modena area has to offer".

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